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The Antimicrobial Catheter Lock System



TauroLock™-Hep500 is approved for instillation in all central venous access systems. TauroLock™-Hep500 remaining in the catheter prevents the formation of a bacterial biofilm. The catheter stays infection-free and works properly at high patency.


The lock solution contains (cyclo)-taurolidine, 500 units heparin per mL and citrate (4%). (Cyclo)-taurolidine has a broad antimicrobial activity (incl. MRSA and VRE) against gram-positive and gram-negative bacteria and fungi (e.g. Candida).


TauroLock™-Hep500 is available in ampoules (single use): 5 mL (10 ampoules per box), and in vials (multiple use): 10 mL (100 vials per box).


Taurolock™-Hep500 complies with the recommendations for the use of antimicrobial lock solutions (see Literature). For patients with HIT, we recommend TauroLock™ (heparin-free) and TauroLock™-U25.000.


In application-free periods (e.g. between two dialysis sessions), TauroLock™-Hep500 is instilled into the saline-rinsed access system. The filling volume of the catheter/port system should be noted in this context.


The use of TauroLock™-Hep500 is contraindicated in patients with confirmed heparin intolerance (HIT). For these patients, we recommend using TauroLock™ (heparin-free) and/or TauroLock™-U25.000. The use of TauroLock™-Hep500 is also contraindicated in patients with known citrate or (cyclo)-taurolidine hypersensitivity and in patients concurrently taking drugs that have been demonstrated to undergo undesirable interactions with citrate, heparin or (cyclo)-taurolidine.


Before the next application, the lock solution is to be aspirated with a syringe and then the system is to be rinsed with saline. If the lock solution inadvertently enters the bloodstream, there is no systemic effect of (cyclo-)-taurolidine due to the rapid degradation producing taurine.


TauroLock™-Hep500 must be stored at 15 to 30°C. Ampoules are designed for single use; vials should be used up within a period of 48 hours after the first use. TauroLock™-Hep500 must be neither stored nor transported under freezing conditions. Do not freeze.

This information does not supplant the Instructions for use.