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TauroLock™ is suitable for instillation in all central-venous access systems. It prevents the formation of bacterial biofilms and improves the patency rate.


TauroLock™-HEP100 can be used for patients who previously relied on heparin-based lock solutions. Central-venous catheters remain infection-free and sustain a high patency rate.


TauroLock™-HEP500 meets the particular needs of dialysis patients. It ensures a good flow-rate and prevents catheter-related infections as well as occlusions.


TauroLock™-U25.000 provides a strong protection against catheter-related complications. It contains taurolidine, 4 % citrate, and 25,000 IU of urokinase.


NutriLock™ is a heparin- and citrate-free lock solution. Based on the antimicrobial agent taurolidine, it protects patients against catheter-related infections.



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