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In order to meet the specific needs of each patient, we have developed a range of different catheter lock solutions. With 500 IU/ml of heparin, TauroLock™-Hep500 is particularly suitable for those who want to minimise occlusion rates throughout dialysis treatment. 


Indication and effect

TauroLock™-Hep500 is to be used with a catheter-based vascular access device for hemodialysis. This type of lock solution prevents the formation of bacterial biofilms. Therefore, patients remain protected from catheter-related infections and ensure a high patency rate at the same time. 


TauroLock™-Hep500 consists of three active ingredients:


  • taurolidine
  • heparin (500 units per ml)
  • citrate (4 %)


Taurolidine has a broad antimicrobial activity (incl. MRSA and VRE) against gram-positive and gram-negative bacteria and fungi (e.g. Candida). Heparin and citrate both prevent occlusions within the catheter.


In-between treatment sessions, TauroLock™-Hep500 is instilled into the saline-flushed access system. Please note that medical staff have to check the filling volume of the respective catheter or port system.

Expert recommendations


Taurolidine-based lock solutions such as TauroLock™-HEP500 are recommended in national and international guidelines. For patients suffering from heparin-induced thrombocytopenia (HIT), we provide two heparin-free alternatives:




In some cases, we do not recommend using TauroLock™-Hep500 for vascular access systems (VAD):


  • The patient has been diagnosed with HIT.
  • The patient has displayed a hypersensitive reaction to citrate or taurolidine.
  • The patient is taking medication which interferes with either citrate, heparin, or taurolidine.


Alternatively, you may rely on TauroLock™ and/or TauroLock™-U25.000 to prevent catheter-associated complications.


Prior to the next treatment, TauroLock™-HEP500 must be aspirated.

Package sizes

If you would like to purchase TauroLock™-Hep500, there are two options available:


  • ampoules of 5 ml (single dose, 10 ampoules per box)
  • vials of 10 ml (mulitple dose, 100 vials per box)

Storage & transport

TauroLock™-Hep500 must be stored at 15 °C to 30 °C. Please note that you must not freeze TauroLock™-Hep500 under any circumstances.

More information about TauroLock™-HEP500


For national guideline recommendations, e.g. DGfN 2019:
“Between dialysis treatments, the central venous access device may be blocked using a diluted heparin solution. Heparin, however, does not have any antibacterial properties. Therefore, … taurolidine-citrate solutions may be considered.“

Download DGfN recommendations for TauroLock™-HEP500 in dialysis

Between dialysis treatments, the central venous access device may be blocked using a diluted heparin solution. Heparin, however, does not have any antibacterial properties. Antibacterial lock solutions should be preferred since they reduce the rate of catheter-related bacteraemias considerably. The use of antibiotics cannot be recommended due to the potential development of resistance. Alternatively, citrate in various concentrations (4 %, 30 % or 46 %) as well as taurolidine-citrate solutions may be considered. Due to the risk of severe cardiac arrhythmias, highly concentrated citrate must be strictly administered by trained staff according to the instructions of the manufacturer. Citrate at 4 % has proven effective against low potential of complications and are broadly accepted standard amongst citrate lock solution at present.

Download study by Solomon et al. on lock solutions in dialysis (2012)

“…The bacteremia rates from all causes were 1.33, 1.22 and 3.25 per 1000 catheter- days (p < 0.001) in the TCH*, TC** and heparin groups respectively. Addition of 500 U⁄ml heparin to TC reduces the need for thrombolysis without increasing bacteremia and may achieve patency comparable to heparin 5000 U⁄ ml…”



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