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The Antimicrobial Catheter Lock System

Safe application

At the current time, the agent concentration present in TauroLock™ is not known to have any adverse effects in humans, provided the solution is used as recommended.

  • TauroLock™ contains a citrate concentration of 4%: according to the FDA recommendation of April 2000, this concentration is both safe and effective (Lit. FDA Warning Letter, April 2000).
  • Low concentrations of citrate can elicit mild hypocalcaemic symptoms if the instillation rate is too high.
  • The use of highly concentrated citrate solutions can be associated with severe adverse effects (cardiac arrhythmia, embolic complications, see literature on highly concentrated citrate). TauroLock™ does not elicit similar adverse effects.
  • In contrast to highly concentrated citrate, 4% citrate is not associated with protein precipitation.
  • TauroLock™ is available both without heparin and with low heparin concentrations (TauroLock™-Hep100 and TauroLock™-Hep500). This allows undesired bleeding elicited by heparin to be prevented.
  • In HIT patients, TauroLock™ without heparin needs to be used.
  • TauroLock™ is biologically compatible and non-toxic.