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The Antimicrobial Catheter Lock System

TauroPharm GmbH

Founding of the company

TauroPharm was founded in the year 2000.


TauroPharm GmbH is a German company specialising on medical devices with antimicrobial efficacy. Based on its innovative products, Tauropharm GmbH makes an important contribution to the prevention of infections that may arise in implanted central venous catheters and port systems. Since there is an urgent need for our products especially in light of the steadily increasing number of antibiotics-resistant pathogens, our products are recommended in interdisciplinary national and international guidelines. All products have been investigated in independent scientific studies. The product quality is documented by significant study results.

Standards of quality

Based on a close cooperation with the users of implanted access systems (e.g. catheter and port systems), the products and their handling are subject to continuous improvement and optimisation focusing on the specific application. Accordingly, TauroPharm GmbH is the sole supplier throughout the world offering a urokinase-containing catheter lock solution with a simultaneous antimicrobial effect. This innovation closed an existing gap in the fields of infection and occlusion prevention for central venous vascular access systems.


TauroPharm GmbH aims to make the application of implants safer in the long term and thus to make a significant contribution to preventive infection control to the benefit of patients.

Sales network

As a manufacturer, the activities of TauroPharm GmbH are focused on product development, production, training and quality management. For distribution purposes, the company cooperates with exclusive distribution partners throughout the world who provide support and advice to the customers in the individual countries. Selected carefully according to fixed criteria, our distribution partners usually have long-standing trust-based partnerships with our final customers from public and private institutions in the healthcare sector, specifically in the fields of oncology, gastroenterology, nephrology, intensive and palliative medicine and home care. We are expanding our network of distributors continuously.

Information and product training

In order to ensure the optimal application of our products, we offer product training sessions in Germany and locally in the individual countries, and these are very popular both with our distribution partners and our final customers. This helps professionalize application.