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TauroPharm GmbH

The company behind TauroLock™

In 2000, TauroPharm GmbH was founded as a German company specialising in medical devices with antimicrobial efficacy. We have since developed a comprehensive product range and built an international network. As TauroLock™ solutions have been recommended in current guidelines, we continue to educate both professionals and patients about our products.

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Our mission

TauroPharm GmbH aims to make the application of vascular access devices (VAD) easier and safer. Our main objective is the prevention of catheter-related complications and infections. In other words: We want to improve the patient’s quality of life as much as possible. 

Our products

We offer a range of lock solutions suitable for implanted central-venous catheters (CVC) and port systems. Our products contain several ingredients that ensure two effects:


1. Prevention of catheter-related infections
2. Prevention of catheter occlusion

With the number of antibiotic-resistant pathogens steadily increasing, the need for our products has become more urgent as well. Today, TauroLock™ solutions are recommended in interdisciplinary guidelines on a national and international scale. These include:

  • ESPEN (European Society for Clinical Nutrition and Metabolism)
  • GAVeCeLT (Italian Association for Long-Term Central-Venous Access Devices)
  • SFNCM (French Society of Clinical Nutrition and Metabolism)
  • DGfN (“Dialysestandard” of the German Society of Nephrology 2022)

All TauroLock™ products have been investigated in clinical trials and are certified by regulatory bodies.


Our quality standards

We constantly work on optimising our lock solutions for different fields of application. To that end, we gather feedback from patients with implanted access systems (i.e. catheters and ports) on a regular basis. 

TauroPharm GmbH is currently the sole supplier of a lock solution that contains urokinase and has an antimicrobial effect: TauroLock™-U25.000 makes it possible to prevent catheter-related infections and occlusions with just one product. 

Our sales network

As a manufacturer, TauroPharm GmbH focuses on:

- product development

- production

- training

- quality management

To distribute our products, we collaborate with international partners based in more than 50 countries. Our distributors have been carefully selected and hold trust-based partnerships with healthcare professionals in:

nephrology . oncology . gastroenterology . intensive and palliative medicine . home care

We are always striving to expand our network and raise awareness about lock solutions worldwide.  

Our educational programmes

We offer special training sessions in Germany and all other countries where TauroLock™ products are sold and implemented. These programmes help distributors gain more expertise about our lock solutions and their application. 




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